ESG Integration & Customization

Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors Create Value

Historically, values-based investor requirements were mostly exclusionary: avoiding ownership of stocks with exposure to certain industries such as tobacco or nuclear power. Today, however, investor demands have grown to incorporate a broader range of issues and ideas, and a wider range of perspectives. Recognizing this, IW Financial has pioneered a much more flexible approach, giving investors the ability to include or exclude stocks or conduct best in class analysis based on a broad range of user-defined criteria.

IW Financial has led the way in redefining SRI and promoting broader use of ESG criteria by portfolio managers and investors. We recognize that ESG-based investing creates value by addressing investors concerns, avoiding risks, and identifying those companies where the policies and behavior are correlated with positive stock market returns.

Unique Concerns, Unique Portfolios: Integrating ESG into the Investment Process

Our research, tools, and consulting services are designed to help clients integrate ESG investing into the investment management process. Depending on the client, ESG integration can involve customizing portfolios, creating investment products, integrating ESG factors into fundamental analysis, and/or engaging with portfolio companies. We take the time to understand our client's objectives and develop appropriate solutions.  

Customized Solutions For Investors

Advances in technology have made it possible to bring a significantly higher level of custom portfolio construction to a wider range of investors. As a result, portfolio management capabilities which were once offered only to large institutions are now available to managed account and mutual fund sponsors as well.

With solutions from IW Financial, financial services firms can identify specific client preferences and seamlessly incorporate the resulting guidelines into the investment process. Customized portfolios can be built from the ground up; conversely, standard portfolios can be analyzed and reviewed to ensure they meet with client guidelines.

In a world where customization is critical to remaining competitive, this capability gives investment managers, broker-dealers, managed accounts platform providers, and other financial services professionals a significant advantage in attracting and retaining new clients.