Impartial Research & User-Defined Analytics

IW Financial draws on its own proprietary research and leading independent third party services to provide impartial and comprehensive global coverage of environmental, social, and governance issues. 

Our in-house research covers over 5,000 publicly traded companies across more than 1000 discrete data elements, allowing the asset manager, fiduciary, or advisor to make more informed investment decisions. Unlike most ESG providers, IW Financial's research is gathered and stored in as granular a fashion as possible and does not contain embedded opinions. This enables our clients to render their own judgements based on the data or to utilize our patented comparative ratings engine to conduct different types of analysis.

IW Financial's in-house research is supplemented through our partnership with leading research firms worldwide. Among the firms providing research to IW Financial are EIRIS, which covers more than 60 different social, environmental and ethical areas on international companies; and Glass Lewis & Co., a leading investment research, global proxy advisory and voting services firm that identifies business, legal, governance and financial risk at more than 23,000 companies worldwide.

Technology Solutions That Work

Even the best research has limited utility if it takes hours to research a company. While traditional research offerings have been designed almost exclusively for research or compliance departments, the IW Financial solution set is remarkably flexible and enables firms to distribute ESG research and analytics to a much broader range of internal users. IW Financial's patented technology and web-based applications are robust yet easy to use, delivering customized analytics and in-depth, objective research to the desktop.

Why User-defined Analytics Matter

What does it mean to be objective when it comes to analytics? At its core, it means letting the numbers speak for themselves and giving users the option of defining what is important to them and to their clients. It means a research product free from conflicts of interest.

No two organizations or individuals have the same constellation of issues or approach those issues in exactly the same way. No two are likely to assign the same importance to the same ESG factors. As fiduciaries, no two serve the exact same constituency. In the past, many organizations and individuals have found their point of view was not fully represented in the then-available rating and screening tools.

IW Financial applies its unbiased research to solutions that allow investment managers to screen, rate and rank companies based on criteria defined by the user. This data in turn is applied by investment professionals to evaluate opportunities, identify risks, and comply with a broad range of investment guidelines and client concerns.

Incorporating these dynamic research and management capabilities into the portfolio construction process gives IW Financial users a compelling tool for differentiating their asset management and client services in an increasingly competitive environment.